Mungkin ada antara wartawan Yahudi di bawah anda kenal !

Ini yang saya temui di dalam WikiPedia yang mengumpulkan senarai penulis JEWISH atau YAHUDI di Amerika.

Mungkin jika anda temui nama di bawah, laporan mereka perlu dibaca dengan hati hati !

This is a list of famous Jewish American journalists. For other famous Jewish Americans, see List of Jewish Americans.

[edit] Footnotes

  1. ^ Obituary from Chicago Sun-Times July 21, 1999 (source
  2. ^Interview With Pearl Paterson Thompson” interviewed by Greg Kupsky, from Rutgers Oral History Archives: “GK: Did you ever see any examples of anti-Semitism at Rutgers? PT: [….]There was someone else I knew who changed his name, and there was a very famous columnist, Martin Agronsky [Rutgers College, 1936], who is listed in the Rutgers yearbook as Martin Agrons, but later, a few years afterwards when he became famous, he decided to live up to his name. So, I had and still have some very good Jewish friends.”
  3. ^ [1] [2]
  4. ^ [3] “the Jewish reporter Carl Bernstein, who busted Nixon, in All the President’s Men…”
  5. ^ [4] “He listed a few of “us”…”
  6. ^ [5]
  7. ^ [6]Convert to Judaism
  8. ^ Matt Drudge and Julia Phillips (2000). DRUDGE MANIFESTO, Chapter one (html). Denver Post. Retrieved on 200703-02.
  9. ^ [7] “”She’s an informed anchor, and totally unafraid to be Jewish on the air,” Brandwynne said. “There was a time when it wasn’t such a hot idea to admit that you were Jewish. We’ve come to another place.” “I love our history, our perseverance, our individuality and devotion to family,” Fernandez said. “I’m very proud of the Jewish people and [their] contributions to society and world culture.””
  10. ^ [8] “This, combined with the fact that Friedman is Jewish, makes all the more…”
  11. ^ [9] “I wanted to dismiss Goldberg’s good fortune as just the luck of the Irish, except Bernie Goldberg is Jewish.”
  12. ^ Jeffrey Goldberg[10] “Goldberg recently won the Anti-Defamation League’s Daniel Pearl Award and goes so far as to suggest that being Jewish has benefited him in his dealings with terrorists. “I’ve always found it to my advantage. I use my Jewishness as a tool.””
  13. ^ [11] “Unlike most Jewish youngsters of their era, they led rootless lives…”
  14. ^ [12] ““You’re Jewish, aren’t you, Seymour?” In all our previous conversations…”
  15. ^ [13] “So which Jews make the list? New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, and columnist Krugman
  16. ^ [14] “As a Jew, I have always wished for and worked toward peace and civility in the Palestinian territories and Israel.”
  17. ^ [15] “Friends, family remember slain Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl…”
  18. ^ [16] “few months back, leftist Jewish critics, such as Frank Rich, Abraham Foxman and Leon Wieseltier…”
  19. ^ [17] “His name was Geraldo Rivera (pictured), an attorney, he was young, Jewish / Hispanic” [18] [19]
  20. ^ [20] “But Steve, a Jewish boy from New Jersey, was in strange territory…”
  21. ^ Powell’s Books – Best Contemporary Jewish Writing by Michael Lerner
  22. ^ Schorr[21] “Schorr suggests in the 2004 anthology “I Am Jewish: Personal Reflections Inspired by the Last Words of Daniel Pearl.” “We Jews are searchers for truth, sometimes called investigative reporting,” Schorr writes in his personal essay for the book.”
  23. ^ [22] “Muckraking Jewish journalist George Seldes lived by the motto: “Tell the truth and run.””
  24. ^ [23] “But Siegel, who discussed his experiences growing up Jewish in America…”
  25. ^ [24] “And Gloria became a professional liberal. That’s easy for a Jewish girl from Cleveland whose father was a junk dealer and who went to Smith College…. (1958)”
  26. ^ current issue
  27. ^ Wallace[25] “Wallace, who said he is Jewish and was brought up in a Zionist home, admitted that earlier in the day he “got himself in trouble for asking provocative questions.””
  28. ^ Quinn, Sally. “Television Personality Looks Anew At Religion“, Washington Post/Newsweek, 200612-22. Retrieved on 200612-22.
  29. ^ [26] “Walter Winchell, a lower class Russian-American Jewish boy who morphed…”
  30. ^ [27] “Meet Gideon Yago, the 25-year-old Jew from New York, who was sent to cover America’s war in Iraq for MTV.”

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