Kunci Kaabah 1,200 tahun dilelong RM57 juta – akhbar KOSMO

KUNCI Kaabah berusia 1,200 tahun berjaya dijual pada harga RM57 juta di London semalam.

LONDON – Satu kunci pintu Kaabah berusia 12 abad semalam berjaya dilelong pada harga £9.2 juta (RM57.24 juta) sekali gus mencatatkan rekod sebagai hasil seni Islam paling mahal pernah dijual.

Kunci tersebut diperbuat daripada besi demgan ukuran 37 sentimeter panjang dilelong di sebuah rumah lelongan di London, Britain.

Harga kunci itu adalah 18 kali lebih tinggi daripada harga yang jangkaan awal dan dibeli oleh seorang pembida yang enggan dikenali.

Kunci kepada tempat paling suci kepada umat Islam itu merupakan salah satu yang masih berada dalam simpanan peribadi.

Kunci itu juga mempunyai ukiran yang tertulis: “Kunci ini diperbuat untuk rumah suci Tuhan ketika era pemerintah kami Imam anak kepada Imam al-Muqtadi Abu Ja’far al-Mustansir Abu’l-Abbas 573”.

Lelongan kunci itu merupakan kemuncak kepada satu lelongan untuk hasil seni Islam yang berjaya mencapai jualan berjumlah £21.5 juta (RM133.77 juta) melebihi jangkaan awal jualan £13.1 juta (RM81.51 juta). – Reuters


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  2. please, please, please tell everyone..

    this key is not just as reported in the newspaper.. there’s more to it.. this key once belong to Salahuddin Al Ayubi (or known as “Saladin” in the west).. The key has been hunted by the Christians operatives, the Muslims and the Illuminati agents since ages ago.. It’s unlock the secret to the whereabouts of the treasures of the Knights Templars which Saladin had taken from the Crusaders upon defeating them in 1187 in the War taken place in Hattin, Jerusalem.

    The most significant item amongst the treasure is the “relic of True Cross” which are believed to be fragments of wood from the actual cross upon which Jesus was crucified. The relic was sought desperately by the Illuminati who seek to hand it over to the Antichrist (Dajal).

    According to members of the intelligence community, when the New World Order is solidified the relics will be taken out, will be united with the Spear of Destiny, and will, according to legend, give the world’s ruler absolute power. This may confirm beliefs passed down through the ages that describe the significance of these relics when united in the hands one man. It explains Hitler’s desperate search World War II. (Gen. Patton had claimed it after defeat).

    The fact that they have found and bought the key shall means that they now have a way to figure out where the treasures is hidden. Whether it’s hidden in Iran or Syria (or Damascus as it’s used to be called during the day of Saladin). They are willing to attack and destroy any of those countries for the sake of accessing the hidden place of the relics.

    May Allah saves us all from Dajal Laknatullah

  3. assalamualaikum..
    ana nk tanya cikit..
    adakah pasti kunci itu tulen??
    atau mungkin ada pihak yang ingin cuba menimbulkan kekecohan dan cuba untuk menfitnah keturunan yang diamanahkan oleh Rasulallah untuk menjaga kunci ini.

  4. Segalanya mungkin berlaku..

    Mungkin kunci itu bukan kunci sebenar sekadar mengelirukan musuh..

    Mungkin juga untuk membuka pintu ke tempat rahsia ia memerlukan kombinasi kunci yang lain..

    Namun jika sememangnya kunci yang benar.. saya merasakan kita sudah amat hampir kepada kehadiran Khalifah Al-Mahdi dan kedatangan Dajjal.

    Bersiap sedialah kita untuk taat setia pada khalifah..

  5. That key is real.. but according to my resource in Hamas, it’s not the key of Kaabah.. it’s the secret key once belong to Salahudiin Al Ayubi..

    I’m telling you all the truth here.. amongst the intelligence community especially the Muslims Operatives everyone is freaking out here.. Lots of people are banging their head for failing to secure the key before the Illuminati bought it… The key will determine whether it would be Iran or Syria to be attacked by the US next.. May Allah saves them..

    The time is near, our enemies who worship Dajal are now preparing for the War World 3 as predicted in their bible.. That key will unlock the whereabouts of the “True Cross”.. Once all the relics come together, it will be used like what it has been used before by the Knights of Templars.. to declare another Perang Salib.. But this time it will led by Dajal himself..

    On the good side though.. They also believed that they had eliminated Imam Mahadi when they use earthquake weapon to distroy Banda Acheh in 2004. They believe Imam Mahadi will be born on the place “where 3 oceans meet” (Selat Melaka) on the same birth date of Jesus that is on 25th December (Xmas Day) and that the place has been identified as Banda Acheh. That why they destroy Banda Acheh one day early, (a) to destroy any possibility that any baby could be safely delivered on 25th December (b) If lucky, to killed the mother of the baby before the baby is born (c) To give them excuse as Medical Staff to come to Acheh to monitor any delivery of newborn baby on 25th December.

    Stupid Illuminati.. They will never be able to prevent Imam Mahadi from ending the war…


  6. Correction

    Sorri, the earthquake actually struck on 26th December.. But that proves more that they’re trying to kill the infant Imam Mahadi..

    My resource from Muslim’s Intel had kindly corrected me on this matter

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